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The Untamed Review - How Good Is It?

Updated: May 29, 2021

The Untamed (Cheng Qing Ling) is a Chinese xianxia (historical) fantasy based on Mo Xiang Tong Xiu’s novel Mo Dao Zu Shi (aka The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation/The Founder of Diabolism). If you are looking for a unique blend of fantasy and mystery, deep and complex characters and accompanied by a plot that leaves you wanting for more, The Untamed is for you.

The series begins with the main character- Wei Wuxian dying by falling off a cliff during a war between the five sects of the Martial world. We are introduced to his step-brother Jiang Cheng as well as his good friend Lan Wangji who are a witness to his death. Wei Wuxian is described as an evil and misguided cultivator (martial artist) who brought about death and destruction by following the demonic path. However, Wei Wuxian is reincarnated sixteen years later. He follows a string of mysteries to find the person behind it which eventually connects with his past. The drama follows the events leading up to his tragic death along with the events that take place after his reincarnation.

The Untamed can be intimidating at first. We are introduced to a whole set of characters with multiple names. If you are not used to seeing Chinese dramas, the characters as well as the new terms may end up being confusing at first glance. This might be due to how a section of viewers might not be accustomed to Chinese culture. However, the drama starts slow, allowing you to get the hang of names, political systems, and a good idea of the setting. The main plot starts moving only after a couple of episodes. However, this works for The Untamed.

The strongest aspect of the drama is undoubtedly the character development that occurs. Each of the characters are well rounded. Nobody is perfectly good or completely evil. The series explores the grey areas, providing strong motivations and though-provoking background that is unique to each character. The plot is wonderfully complex and intricate. It is the first of its kind to get famous and viewers will get a new experience as it is very different from its other xianxia counterparts.

The sets, cinematography and script work wonderfully together to give a masterpiece of a story. While social media throws more highlight towards certain aspects of the story which might turn away some viewers, we strongly suggest to focus on the bigger meanings of friendship, familial love, and deep and moving plot points which create a greater and more meaningful impact. Do give The Untamed a chance to discover an unforgettable drama that is well worth your time.

If you havent seen the trailer yet for The Untamed, check it out below-

-By Annapoorna Narayan and Siya Tanwar

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