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Fathers movie review

Fathers is a Thai movie tackling the concept of love between people facing complicated family dynamics . The movie is around 150 min (1 hr. 45mins) long and features drama and romance in a particle setting. It is written and directed by Palatpol Mingpornpichit.

‘Fathers’ tells the story of Phoon and Yuke, a gay couple who have been in a serious relationship since the past 13 years, and their adoptive son Butr, who was abandoned by his mother at an orphanage soon after his birth. He was legally adopted by Phoon alone as gay marriage was not legal in Thailand. So, on paper Burt is not Yuke son. The family is shown to be loving, happy and close knit until problems start to arise when Burt starts going to school in a society that doesn’t except gay people as the right parents for a child. The fathers have not told Burt about their family situation and with new experiences of the world he is naturally inquisitive about his mother.

‘Fathers’ has amazing cinematography with beautiful scenes and an equally beautiful storyline. Even though it is slow paced it is not boring at the least. This movie is nothing like other Thai Bls. The story line is realistic and presents an analysis of what it means to be gay parents in contemporary Thailand where acceptance is present only to a certain extent and not without prejudice. It shows that even if laws support certain actions, society still needs time to evolve into acceptance. In ‘Fathers’ Phoon and Yuke seem to have real chemistry unlike the other Thai bls which could come across as rather shallow. The acting of all the characters also comes off as very genuine and realistic. I would have liked a little more backstory on the two fathers, this is the only part I would have preferred differently.

This is one of the best boys- love depiction I have come across. I would definitely watch the movie again and I highly recommend you to watch it at least once too.

By- Siya Tanwar

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